Need Some Holiday Cash – How to Do a Holiday Sale

by Monica on December 12, 2013

holiday saleIt’s December and not only is it freezing outside, but it can feel like your potential leads have put a freeze on spending as well.

What’s an entrepreneur to do when the extra December bills start to pile up?

A Holiday Sale of course. 

Holiday sales are a great way to get rid of extra stock, get ahead on filling a program and make extra cash.

I suggest giving 40-60% off your products or services to really motivate your list to purchase.  It is easiest to do a holiday sale with products that you aren’t personally delivering so that the price drop doesn’t make you feel like you are delivering your services for pennies.

Sales work well with e-books, info-products, recordings and other types of products that don’t require work on your part to deliver.

Here are the steps to set up your sale:

1. Pick a start and end date and a reason for having the sale.   It can be a Christmas sale, end of year sale, New Year’s sale – whatever works for you.

2.  Announce the sale in a solo-promotion e-mail to your list. Make sure you include a link that directs to a sales page where they can buy the products on sale.

3. Send between 1-3 e-mails to remind your list of the sale with stories, benefits of the products, and reasons to buy.  These can go out anywhere between 3-7 days apart, depending on your normal frequency of sending e-mails.

4.  End the sale with a last chance e-mail to let your list know that the sale is ending.  This goes out on the day of or day before your final sale day.  Usually you’ll get a lot of sales on this day.  Most of us have a tendency to wait until the last moment to buy.

Remember that the bigger your list and the more you’ve been in touch with them, the more likely you’ll sell lots of products.   If you’ve been popular all year and giving great content – chances are that your list will be excited to buy at your end of year sale.  The reverse is also true – if they haven’t heard from you much – chances are they won’t buy, even if your products are 50% off.   The key is to stay consistent.

Happy Holidays!  Here’s to your amazing holiday sale.

Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on how you are going to plan out and conduct your own sale.

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Louise Bernikow December 12, 2013 at 6:02 pm

Wow, Monica. I had just made a flyer for my winter sale, which requires humor, since the “product” is my editorial consulting. About to put in on my website. Saving my pennies to work with you! xox


Monica December 13, 2013 at 12:28 pm

Hi Louise,

That is wonderful! I am glad to have helped!


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