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You can do tons of group programs and home-study courses - but if you don't get specific one-on-one customized help, you'll move much more slowly. And then there is the constant doubt and confusion - am I doing this right? What is next? How do I make more money? Why can't I fill my groups more easily?

During VIP Intensive Days, Monica creates total clarity. Clarity around your brand, offerings, marketing calendar, launch plan, money situation and next steps. No more questions or doubt - just a clear action plan. Monica customizes action plans for every type of business, from brand new to seasoned entrepreneur.

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The intensive day really helped me to become laser focused on what I need to do to achieve my goals.  Monica has been a fantastic guide. I am on target to make US$200,000 this year.  I've become more organized.  I've increased my team.  Monica provides great information and ideas, which I follow to the tee.  To be more successful, I must follow success.  Monica has created a plan for me to get to that success!

Kyira A. Harris
Keys to Abundant Life, Inc.



I launched my business just six months before joining Monica's Program. I was doing ok but my business wasn't growing and I was just making ends meet. I knew I had to have a mentor who had been in my shoes to help me move towards success. Before my VIP Day with Monica, I was still unsure about who my target clients were and how to find them. Monica immediately saw that marketing wasn't my main issue, it was confusion in my business. After just one afternoon with Monica, we had clarified my niche, my business title and refined my tagline that more clearly represented me and my business. She helped my breakthrough resistance I had around money and we raised my program prices that afternoon. Within one week of our VIP day, I signed on three new clients, at my new rates! I have a stream-lined business plan and daily action steps that are building my business rapidly. Seeing Monica's success has inspired me to do the work it takes to build my dream into an empire. Her marketing strategies have allowed me to make more money with less work. I never knew I could get such quick results!

Padma Maxwell
Employee to Entrepreneur Coach


Before my VIP day I was confused about what the next steps were for me to really get my business going. I was doing well getting clients, but needed to wrap my head around what the next move should be and Monica really helped clarify that for me. She gave me very precise steps to take and gave me very clear monetary goals to cover my upcoming expenses. It was extremely helpful. Her way of sharing computer screens and writing everything down for me was great as I'm a visual learner. She was efficient and really knew what to cover to best help me. I was very excited to have help creating my packages and programs and to quickly ascertain appropriate pricing for them which felt comfortable to me but also helped me get paid for the value I provide. My greatest gain from the 1/2 day with Monica is a very clear plan that I feel comfortable with , and greater confidence in each move that I have to make. I have received such benefit from Monica's approach to financial life that I would be happy to encourage anyone thinking about working with her. She is brilliant at weaving in the emotional, spiritual, and grounded numbers part of finances and presenting them in creative ways which are easily understood and remembered. I love her work and will definitely be taking some of her programs in the future!

Bambi Thompson
OTR/L Anxiety Transformation and Empowerment Specialist


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