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I’ve taken the top 7 strategies I teach business owners who are serious about how to get more clients, and bundled them into one powerful 4-part course designed to show you what to do now to get 7 clients in the next 60 days...

How to get 7 clients in the next 60 days

Hello fellow Entrepreneurs!

One of the things business owners ask me all the time is, “Monica, how do I get clients? I don’t know where to find them or what to say so they say yes to working with me.”

So I’ve put together a class that shows you how to do exactly that… in the next 60 days. (Don’t worry… this isn’t one of those classes where the fire hose opens and you feel like you are drowning in too much info. I’ll teach you what you need to know to get clients whether you are starting out or stepping it up.)

Here are the details of the class:

I’ve designed this class to make it as simple as possible for you to implement and get results. In other words, get 7 new clients in the next 60 days. Which means it's right for you, if you:

  • Are just starting out in your business and want to get your first clients
  • Have been in business for several years but now want to get more serious about it (and get more clients in the door)
  • Want to be taken by the hand and shown exactly what to do and say so you actually get clients!

Imagine what it would feel like to know that for every sales conversation you have - there are 3 others just waiting.

So you can lose the desperation and anxiety.

What would it feel like if you finally had 10 -15 clients at all times? So you could finally plan vacations ahead of time, pay off your bills and stop worrying about money.

Isn't it time that you really started seeing the impact you have on the world through regular client success stories? So that at the end of your work day you know that you've changed the lives of people that you really care about, using your unique gift.

This is why I've created Client Jumpstart and it's what I want for all of you:

More Confidence, More Money and More Clients.

Could you use a helping hand in getting your next clients?

Client Jumpstart is a 4-part online class that includes templates, scripts, worksheets, and real life examples of women who have gone before you and blazed a trail to client-getting-success. Unlike other programs that teach tricks and hints, the beauty of Client Jumpstart is that I designed it as a step-by-step plan that works to get you more clients.

The other thing I should mention here is that I realize that maybe you’ve *tried* to do some things to get clients – like do a speaking event where only 2 people showed up – and it didn’t work, so you are shy about getting out there and going for it again.

So we are going to talk about that in Client Jumpstart, too.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this 4-part crash online course in getting clients:

  • Part 1: The Secret to Finding Places Where Your Ideal Clients are Hanging Out + Two Amazing Strategies For Generating Leads (Plug & Play)

    In this session, we’ll talk about the three places to look for clients who are ready to buy.

    You’ll also learn TWO of the fastest strategies for getting new clients, so that you are meeting people who are hungry to work with you. Understand this, and you’re well on your way to new clients.

  • Part 2: How to Put Together Lucrative Offerings + Two More Strategies for Finding More Leads (Templates Included)

    In this session, you are going to learn the Revenue Breakthrough Profitable Mix Strategy – and determine how to create an offering that people are thrilled to buy!

    You are also going to learn TWO more strategies to get clients – this time using your programs and services as a leader to attracting more leads and more clients.

  • Part 3: What to say to potential clients so that they say yes to working with you (aka intuitive sales conversations) + Two More Awesome Lead Generating Strategies (With Scripts to Use Immediately)

    In this session, you are going to learn how to ask people to become your clients and have an intuitive dialogue that feels good and inspires people to want to work with you. You will also learn TWO more strategies to attract more leads and more clients – yup – you are seeing a trend here. We really want you to get more clients!

  • Part 4: Creating Automatic and Systematic Cash Flow + Two More Amazing Client Getting Strategies (With Templates to Use Now)

    What’s the use of getting clients if you can’t keep it up consistently?In this session, we’ll introduce you to our Revenue Breakthrough Automatic Cash Flow System so that you can consistently generate clients and bring in more leads each week. And once again – we’ll teach you ONE more strategy to attract even more leads. By the end of this course you’ll know where to find clients, what you are selling to them and exactly what to say to them. Oh and you’ll have SEVEN concrete strategies to keep finding more and more leads and convert them into amazing clients.


You are great at what you do --

so let's get you more clients!

By the time you finish the course, you will have the top SEVEN strategies for getting SEVEN new clients in the next 60 days. You’ll also have a custom plan in hand for strategies that make sense for you.

I’ve had clients use these same strategies to sign 7 or 12 clients in 60 days. I’ve taught hundreds of business owners these strategies. When they get out there and follow the step-by-step instructions, they get results. Some of them did it without even leaving their homes. So if you’ve been trying to figure out how to get more clients, I’ve got the plan for you.

This can work for any business, without fancy tech skills or anything you don’t get about search engines. Just a simple, proven plan to get more clients saying yes to working with you.

Again, here’s what you’ll get with the Client Jumpstart program:

  • 4 classes on how to get clients – practical, proven steps that you can do as soon as class is over (you’ll love what happens next)
  • Scripts of how to listen and what to say to potential clients so they become paying clients
  • Scripts of how to ask for money so you and your client feel really good (and in 100% integrity)
  • Printer-friendly templates that walk you through what you need to know step-by-step

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How to get 7 clients in the next 60 days

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The Revenue Breakthrough Happiness Guarantee:

I want you to be MORE than satisfied with the information delivered in the Client Jumpstart Program. I’m giving you 30 days to test-drive the program. If, for some reason, this course doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll send you questions to prove that you’ve been listening to the calls. Assuming you answer the questions, within the 30-day period, just ask me for a refund up to 30 days from the date of your purchase. You have my word on it!


You'll receive a free ticket for you and a friend to a Revenue Breakthrough LIVE event.

All the details will be provided prior to the event!

I look forward to teaching you what you need to know to jumpstart getting the next – or first – seven clients in your business. If you’re a coach, consultant or business owner, I’ll make it as straightforward as possible for you to start getting clients right away.

With much appreciation,

Hundreds of business owners have used these strategies to get clients – fast! Here’s what they are saying…

Kelly Courson

“I no longer fear the 'money' talk with potential clients.”
"Immediately, Monica knew that I needed 1:1 sales calls to find my clients. I no longer fear the “money talk” with clients and Monica’s scripts for how to handle that conversation are so tried and true."

Kelly Courson , Health Coach
Lainie Cotell

“I make more money… and work fewer hours!”
"Before working with you, I knew I had a unique offering and people needed me, but the money wasn’t there, even though I was working all day, every day. I actually considered shutting down. Your content is powerful and thought-provoking. I was able to easily step outside my comfort zone and take the steps I needed to take. I’ve squashed many of my irrational fears, and now have a clear vision of what I need to be doing to rock my business. My sales have doubled since working with you, and if I keep on this path, I’ll have a six-figure income next year."

Lainie Cotell , Transcription Services