I have more free time than ever!

Since I started working with Monica, I’ve quadrupled my revenue. The 1-on-1 support is phenomenal! Monica keeps me moving, always giving me my next steps, and showing me how to evaluate my own progress + how to shift gears any time I’m not getting the results I want. I have a long term plan not just for the coming year, but for years down the line. And the crazy part is, I have more free time than ever! This year, I’m able to take a number of personal trips that I would’ve had to skip in the past.

Cheryl BinnieCopywriter & Writing Coach | CopyLuv.com

The program is amazing.

I’d been in business full time for over a decade, earning low 6 figures for several years. I didn’t know how I was going to increase my revenue beyond that.

Since starting to work with Monica a year ago, I made almost $100K more than the year before. (I am renting a beach house for 3 weeks this upcoming August.) The program is amazing. It gives direct 1-on-1 relationship with Monica, and we’re able to curate and nurture my already successful business, plus groom for growth and expansion. Monica’s motivation is purely altruistic. She wants my company to scale, and for me to be prepared for these changes.

Jeanie EngelbachFounder & Lady Boss | apartmentjeanie.com

The most transformative year of my life.

Without a doubt this has been the most transformative year of my life. I am proud to say I had my highest increase in gross revenue for 2015 since opening my practice. Revenue for 2015 increased 21% ( $210,000) without adding extra staff or services.

 Also, I hired a practice manager. This has provided me more support and free time away from the practice. I can now focus more time and energy on my vision.

Andrea DunningsDVM, East Atlanta Animal Clinic, PC | EastAtlantaAnimalClinic.com

Extremely helpful.

Before my Intensive Day, I was doing well getting clients, but didn’t know what the next move should be. Monica gave me precise steps to take and clear monetary goals to cover my upcoming expenses. It was extremely helpful.

I was very excited to have help creating my packages and programs, and ascertaining prices that felt comfortable to me but also helped me get paid for the value I provide. Monica is brilliant at weaving in the emotional, spiritual, and grounded numbers part of finances and presenting them in creative ways which are easily understood and remembered.

Bambi ThompsonOTR/L Anxiety Transformation and Empowerment Specialist | BambiThompson.com

3 new clients at my new rates!

Within one week of our Intensive Day, I signed on 3 new clients, at my new rates! I have a streamlined business plan and daily action steps that are building my business rapidly.

Seeing Monica’s success has inspired me to do the work it takes to build my dream into an empire. Her marketing strategies have allowed me to make more money with less work. I never knew I could get such quick results!

Padma MaxwellEmployee to Entrepreneur Coach | PadmaMaxwell.com

On target to make $200,000 this year.

The Intensive Day really helped me to become laser focused on what I need to do to achieve my goals.  Monica has been a fantastic guide. I am on target to make US$200,000 this year.  I’ve become more organized, and I’ve increased my team. 

Monica provides great information and ideas, which I follow to the tee.  To be more successful, I must follow success.  Monica has created a plan for me to get to that success!

Kyira A. HarrisKeys to Abundant Life, Inc. | KeysToAbundantLife.com

I was finally able to fulfill 2 dreams…

Even though my business was doing well, I was plateauing. In my Intensive Day with Monica, we got clarity on my future offerings and we set a goal of $25,000 for the first 2.5 months, and I am happy to report that I am very close to achieving this goal, weeks before the deadline. Since everything is mapped out, I can focus on my live workshops and first big launch, without wasting time on projects that sidetrack me from reaching my goals.

I was able to finally fulfill two dreams that I had for a long time: Going on a road trip down the Pacific Coast with my daughter, and hiring that housekeeper who loves to keep our home beautiful. I know that with Monica’s help, I can’t “not” succeed

Ingrid DinterEFT Trainer | IngridDinter.com

Monica is a gifted coach.

Before I joined Money Club, I was in a state of overwhelm. I wasn’t able to pay my bills each month, I worked harder than I ever had before, and I wasn’t enjoying my work.

In The Money Club, I learned how to prioritize, schedule more time for me, and engage in revenue-generating activities every day. Monica is a gifted coach. Having access to her grace and guidance through tricky business situations has empowered me to navigate on my own.

Hands down, The Money Club has given me more confidence, connected me with amazing, inspiring women, and helped me to be courageous in sharing my services and recognizing the money that I have the power to generate.

Shannon NickersonCertified Health and Stress Management Coach | ShannonNickerson.com

From $4,000 to $10,000 per month!

Money Club brought clarity, a plan of action, and a safe place for me to be inspired, come back to report on results, get re-inspired, and do it all over again. 🙂

My joy, peace of mind, productivity, and profitability has skyrocketed. When I end my day at 2:30pm, or take a week off with my kids for fall break, my team keeps the business going. Not only do I have balance for my family, but I’m consistently making more money. Before Money Club I hovered around $4-6k per month, and now I’m at the higher end of $7-10k per month. I’m also frequently recognized as a leader in my community, thanks to putting myself out there more purposefully. That kind of contribution feels amazing.

Jenny MunnPrincipal, The Munn Group, SEO & Content Funnels | JennyMunn.com

From barely getting by to over 6 figures!

The Money Club – Monica, the coaches, the community – gave me a new life. I went from barely getting by each month to an over 6-figure business within a year and half! I feel so much freer and more confident. The stress in my life has almost disappeared!

My son has spending money (he’s going on a class trip that I would have struggled to fund last year). And we’re planning a trip overseas – and I am not at all concerned about taking time off. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for how my life is. I had no idea I could thrive in this way and it keeps on getting better and better!

Janet RaftisEnergy Healer & Intuitive/Spiritual Development Coach | JanetRaftis.com
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