About Monica

To create a million dollar business, Monica Shah had to shift the way she thought about money. In Year 1 of Monica’s first business, she avoided money.

  • BBB2015_Day1-Evening-46She didn’t look at how much she was making each month.
  • She wasn’t quite sure how much she was spending, either.
  • She avoided doing the math to see how much she needed to generate.
  • And she shied away from having awkward conversations about money with clients.

Like so many women, she thought that focusing on money would lead her away from serving clients and being a great coach.

Turns out, she was wrong about that.

Avoiding money only got her further into debt ($25,000’s worth).

It wasn’t until she reshaped her relationship with money (and understood the clear steps to making it) that she was able to turn her business – and her life – turn around.

Within 12 months of figuring it out, she paid off all $25K of her debt and put $12K in savings. Every year since then, Monica has doubled or tripled her revenue.

In 2013 – Revenue Breakthrough crossed the seven-figure mark – and has been a million dollar coaching company ever since.

Today Monica Shah shows entrepreneurs how to double or triple their income in 12-18 months every single day.

Because what Monica learned on her way to build a 7-figure business was an unexpected truth:

The more you take care of your money, the more you take care of yourself… and the better you can serve + care for your clients (and ultimately, your corner of the world).

Monica holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. She’s a former brand manager from L’Oreal Paris and Entrepreneurship Professor from NYC.

She deeply believes that women are the rising leaders and philanthropists of the 21st century… but that we can’t fully lead or give all that we have to offer if we keep giving money away and avoiding it.

The time is now. We are, as speaker and author Gloria Steinem has said, the ones we’ve been waiting for.

So now, Monica has a message for all entrepreneurs:

The ONLY way to get out of any debt you may have and put yourself on the road to financial freedom is to learn how to master your money as an entrepreneur – to learn the business skills that will set you free.

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