This is CRAZY

by Monica on March 21, 2015

More women (and men) are starting businesses than ever before.

But only 12% of women ever cross the $100,000 a year mark in revenue.

My mission is to change that. Because I know that the more women (and awesome men) who make money, the better.

Clearly, it’s not all about making money. But money touches everything that matters.

 That’s why the first day of Money 2.0 (April 16-18) is all about getting real – and courageous – about money.

Now money is a topic that a lot of people think is bad, evil, or beneath them.

 But avoiding Money means that you are probably working WAY HARDER than you need to be, and making HALF AS MUCH as you could be. 

 That’s why on Day 1 at Money 2.0, we’ll cover:

  • Four essential strategies to generate the most revenue
  • How to talk about money with potential clients, and everyone in your life
  • The key ingredient to hitting your income goals every single month
  • Four questions to ask that make every money decision in your business a smart one
  •  How to silence the voices in your head that keep you from moving forward.

Now, I know that some of you have family obligations.

Maybe you are the one who picks the kids up at school. Maybe you are the one who gets dinner on the table. Maybe you are the one who does both.

It may seem like an impossible task, to get away for 3 days.

It might even seem CRAZY.

I get it. But what if leaving your house and your routine is REQUIRED?

What if doing the unusual, the CRAZY was how I and so many of my clients were able to grow their businesses so quickly?

 What if you can’t stay in your comfort zone and have the life that you dream of?

This is about commitment. The whole reason I’m successful is because I’m committed to do what most average people won’t.  I’ll get on a plane when I’m busy.  When I’m tired.  When I have way too much to do.

And every time I go to an event – I get something amazing from it.

I do whatever it takes to make my goals real.

But I’m not the only one.

We’ve had women decide that they are so committed to doing whatever it takes in their business, they arrange for 5 babysitters, so they could get to Atlanta.

We’ve had women who went back to their husbands and partners, and explained why they wanted to come to Atlanta, and what it means to them.

Not all family members are supportive of you having a business.

I get that, too.

I’ve had women come work with me who choose not to talk about their businesses with unsupportive family members. Those same family members often become some of the most vocal cheerleaders, when the money and clients start rolling in the door.

I’ve been wracking my brain, trying to understand why you may be reading this, but haven’t gotten your ticket to Money 2.0 yet.

And I want to make it as simple as I can for you to take the leap, say yes to yourself and your dreams, and join us in Atlanta.

So I’ve decided to do two things.

First, I am giving you 50% off the regular ticket price, when you register before March 27th. There’s even a payment plan, to make it easier. Just use coupon code “money” (without the quotes; all lowercase) at checkout:


 Second, when you register between now and March 27th, you will be entered in the Queen for a Day raffle.

We’re raffling off 3 prizes:

  • Me picking up your hotel bill for 3 nights!
  • A massage at the event!
  • A makeover with my personal makeup artist at the event!

I’m doing this because Money 2.0 is all about creating MORE for your life. And more for the people you love. I see too many women telling themselves “I can’t afford this” or “that’s too expensive” – and it breaks my heart, because I know there is another way.

When you treat yourself well – and have a plan to pay for it – well, there’s just no stopping you. I want you to have that experience at Money 2.0, so you never forget how amazing and powerful you are. 

Getting excited?

I realize that maybe you’ve never seen me teaching onstage before – and you want to make sure this really feels like the right thing to do before you take the leap.

So I’ve assembled some teaching moments for you, so you get a sense of the quality of the event and who I am (I tell my personal story of how I went from $25,000 in debt to a million dollar business owner in the first video).

You can watch that here:


 I’m pulling out all the stops. My sense is that, if you’re reading this, you are on the fence.  The trouble is, you’re getting splinters!

If the possibility of creating an amazing life  excites you – even if you aren’t sure exactly how – please join us at Money 2.0. I’ve got the plan. You will have a plan to create extraordinary results in your business, ready to implement the moment you get home.

Here’s the link again to register (remember to use coupon code money):


I’ll see you in Atlanta.


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