Vacation? You might ask, Monica, why are you writing about vacation now?

Here’s why: If you don’t start planning your Thanksgiving vacation, Christmas vacation and even your 2015 vacations– chances are you won’t take them.

What I see over and over again with entrepreneurs is that they take a “vacation” that turns out to be work, work, and more work. With a dose of worry on top of all of it!

There is a way to make sure that your vacation rejuvenates you and actually has you come back saying, “Yes I’m ready to work now!”

To do that, you have to categorize your trip and plan accordingly. In this week’s video I show you three different categories of trips.  And only one of them will leave you refreshed. Watch the video to find out which one.

Watching this video is very important at this time of year –because Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up. And you have the chance now to plan out how you can make the most of that time.

In fact, if you don’t decide how you’ll spend it ahead of time – it will come and go. And you may find yourself dragging through 2014 only to drag through the first quarter of 2015.

No need for that – I’ll show you how to classify and plan ahead on what you are going to do on your next trip. So that a vacation is really a vacation.

Leave me a comment and let me know this: when is your next trip? And what category does it fall in? What are you doing?

I can’t wait to read your stories. Remember – your ideas may actually serve to stimulate and inspire so many others! We all deserve to take time off – so don’t be shy – spread the word about relaxation, and comment away!

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