Greetings from Money 2.0 in Atlanta

by Monica on April 16, 2015

This is Tracey, from the Revenue Breakthrough team. Monica is in Atlanta this week at her signature 3-day event, Money 2.0.

She asked me to write to you and share some pictures of the event. It certainly looks like everyone is having a great time, from the VIP Cocktail Reception …

… to working on their businesses right there in the room today.


What Is Your Money Story?

April 9, 2015

This may be a controversial article for some of you.  It may hit you in that money wound trigger spot.  Alas, I encourage you to keep reading and give this some serious thought.  It just may transform your sales conversations, your business and maybe even your life. I was on the phone with a client […]

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This is CRAZY

March 21, 2015

More women (and men) are starting businesses than ever before. But only 12% of women ever cross the $100,000 a year mark in revenue. My mission is to change that. Because I know that the more women (and awesome men) who make money, the better. Clearly, it’s not all about making money. But money touches […]

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How much debt do you pay off at once? How much do I save? Three steps to managing your debt

March 5, 2015

We had our open Q&A call this week for The Money Club and I got some really great questions.  One of them was: “Monica, if I have debt, how much do I pay off versus how much do I put into savings?” I get this question all the time. My suggestion is simple  – her […]

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How to Attract More Money Part 2 – Releasing the Shame

January 28, 2015

Last week, I started my How to Attract More Money Series. If you missed part one – feel free to check it out here (but don’t worry – you can still read part 2 below): How To Attract More Money Part 1 – Your Money Why – Click Here to read Part 1 Now for […]

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How to Attract More Money Part 1

January 22, 2015

“I’m not motivated by money” “I’m not in this for the money.” “Money doesn’t mean anything to me.” “I’m terrible with numbers.” “I never really look at my numbers.” “Money scares me.” I get these comments all the time. You just don’t connect to money for money sake. I totally get it. I don’t either. […]

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Shaking out the Sluggishness

January 15, 2015

So how’s the New Year’s energy working for you? Are you excited and ready to rock? Or do you wish that you could just slip back under the covers, turn off the alarm and go back to vacation for a bit? I bet for most of you it’s a mixed answer. A little excitement, a […]

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Happy New Year from Mumbai!

December 31, 2014

Happy New Year to you! Here’s a photo of Jai and I in front of one of the beautiful Christmas-lit churches in Mumbai. The Christmas spirit is alive and well here even though the majority of Indians don’t celebrate Christmas in a traditional way. But now that Christmas is over – it makes me wonder […]

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Mumbai Gratitude

December 23, 2014

Greetings from Mumbai, India. It has been a wonderful week here and I wanted to reach out and wish you a Merry Christmas! Here’s a picture of Jai and I in the market in Santa Cruz. This week as we arrived in Mumbai I was filled with an intense gratitude. One of my aunts said […]

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Avoiding the Hit or Miss in Your Business

December 18, 2014

During one of my Breakthrough Planning classes I received this comment: “Hey Monica, any advice for someone who’s already tracking revenue and expenses numbers, but it’s still hit or miss all the time? I used to avoid it, but now I’m avid about tracking it, yet my consistency doesn’t seem to be yielding the results […]

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