How to Attract More Money Part 1

by Monica on January 22, 2015

money-magnet“I’m not motivated by money”
“I’m not in this for the money.”
“Money doesn’t mean anything to me.”

“I’m terrible with numbers.”
“I never really look at my numbers.”
“Money scares me.”

I get these comments all the time. You just don’t connect to money for money sake. I totally get it. I don’t either. Most women don’t dream of bathing in dollar bills, buying a Ferrari or even showing it all off. It just doesn’t fit with your true desires.

But almost every woman (and some men) that I work with says:

“I’d like to take care of my family better.”
“I’d like to send my kids to a better school.”
“I really want my partner to be able to leave his job.”
“I want to pay off all my debt.”
“I’d really like more support team so that I can work less and worry less.”

Here’s the thing. Money is the great equalizer and an awesome magnifier. It can make all of this happen. And the sooner that you get clear on WHY you are doing the work you are doing and WHERE this money is going to land – the easier the work becomes. Remember two of my favorite sayings: “Money loves specificity.” “Money doesn’t land in chaos.”

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Determine exactly how much you want to make this year and each month.
  2. Determine what you want that money for – more vacations, a new home, a massage every week – it’s totally up to you.
  3. Determine exactly how much those things cost. Google them, call a real estate agent, ask a friend – whatever you need to do.
  4. Find pictures of what you want and create a collage of your desires for this year (optional, but highly suggested).
  5. Refine the amount you want to make based on your desires.
  6. If you need help figuring out how you are going to make this happen, hire a business coach (again, optional, but highly suggested).
  7. Keep the vision of what you want in your mind all year long.

Remember, sheer willpower will not get you through your days and weeks. But a clear vision will. And this is one of the key pieces to attracting more money.

For my full system on money, marketing and how to finally be able to make choices based on your desires and not your bank account – please join me at my signature 3-day event, Money 2.0. It’s happening April 16-18th and we’re filling up fast.

For more information, check it out here

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