80% of her practice is referrals

by Monica on May 18, 2015

Ok, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times.  Thunicornere are no golden unicorns.

However, I will tell you what comes pretty damn close.


Yup, you love them as much as I do – that luscious person that has already been told about you.  They come to the sales meeting prepped and ready to purchase whatever you put in front of them.   They are actually excited to buy your products and services.  And they often become your best clients.

Imagine what it would be like to have a practice full of referrals?   

Well, I can tell you that my client Emily Durham has experienced just that.  She focuses on helping clients with autoimmune disorders.  She helps with diets, lifestyle changes and pain management.  She works with five medical doctors who serve as her referral partners.

Drumroll please… a full 80% of her more than 30 private clients per year come from these doctors. 

Now what I should tell you is that Emily worked with me for two years and met with at least 60 doctors in order to find the right ones for her.  She also does way more with these doctors than just wait around until they refer clients to her.

She used the techniques I’m going to show you in my special encore livestream presentation on May 19th – are you registered yet?

Client Goldmine Strategies – How to build relationships online and offline to steadily grow your client and fan base for long-lasting profitability and ideal clients. 

May 19th: 4:00 – 7:00 PM ET

Click here to join us.

Now you might be wondering – is this training for real?  Will it be worth my time?

Well, you can judge for yourself because once you register – you’ll receive a handout that you can fill in during the livestream.  It has real information and tactics on it that you can use immediately!

In fact, I took this training straight out of our Money Club program.   They voted it their most favorite class.

I know there are a lot of business coaches out there.  And I’ll say ahead of time – thank you for choosing me.  I take your time and energy incredibly seriously.   So I make it my mission to show you how to make more money and have more fun in everything that I do.

“See” you on the livestream.

With appreciation,



PS:  Wondering what the easiest and best day in the world is?  When you get on the phone with someone who says, “I heard about you from my friend chiropractor, Sarah.  She said you were awesome and that I really needed you.  So let’s get started.  Here’s my credit card.”  Want more of that?  Then register here:

Click here to join us on Client Goldmine Strategies Livestream – May 19th


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