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How to Speak and Sell From the Heart

I just finished speaking at two major events.  The question I always get after events is: “Monica, how do I become a better speaker?  What do I need to do to so that people like me?” It’s interesting because I’ve come to realize that there are really four main areas...

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How to Position Yourself to Get More Clients

It’s been a while since I’ve written a pure marketing article – one that addressed exactly how to get clients.  So I decided that today was the day. It stemmed from a question I got from one of my Money Club Elite clients: “Monica, I see so much out there on...

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Why the Best Year Yet Bootcamp Rocked!

This week I wanted to give you insight into my learnings from last week’s event.  It was simply amazing!  This is my fifth year of doing events.  And Best Year Yet Bootcamp was my 7th one.  Here’s what made it so good:  1. First,  practice really does help.  I...

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Greetings from Best Year Yet Bootcamp

This is Tracey, from the Revenue Breakthrough team. Monica is in Stamford this week at her signature 3-day event, Best Year Yet Bootcamp.     She asked me to write to you and share some pictures of the event. It certainly looks like everyone is having a great time,...

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How Busy Business Owners Really Relax

This morning as I went to my 7AM yoga/barre (called Shaktibarre) class – I had a moment of total frustration.  I’m prepping like crazy for the Best Year Yet Bootcamp and for some reason I couldn’t seem to let it all go and just relax. As I struggled to do my leg lifts...

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What Are You Focusing On?

I often read e-mails from clients asking questions like: “What should my title be?” (for the fifth time) “What is my tagline?” (should we re-do it again?) “Is my free gift OK? Should I re-write it” (for the third time) They pour over these...

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How To Start Creating a Better Relationship With Money

Today I had lunch at my new Yoga studio that just opened – it’s literally two doors down from me and I couldn’t be happier about the whole situation.   I met a lovely lady who is starting to teach Yoga full time for the first time.  She was a bit concerned about her...

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How to Have a Fantastic Summer and Get it All Done

So this month is family month for me – and I’m loving it!  My niece for two weeks, my oldest sister for a few days and Jai’s parents for a month.  And Oh Man!  It’s causing me to up my game.  BIG TIME. There’s something that happens when your time gets compressed. ...

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Choking Is Part of It

The other day, one of you Beautiful Folk was talking about making a sales call and “choking.” Here’s what I want to say about that: Choking is part of it. Don’t forget to remember this — because sales is completely a Numbers Game, you’re just moving forward,...

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