Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect. Ever.

by Monica on April 17, 2014

imperfectionI had a lovely conversation with a woman today.

I said, “You’ve just got to keep taking action, even if you aren’t sure exactly what to do. It will get easier.”

And she said, “Yes, practice makes perfect.”

I stopped and realized that very phrase was the source of so many problems!

You see, there is no “perfect” in running a business. You are never “there”.

You just keeping taking imperfect action after imperfect action and through the process of taking those actions you keep getting better and better.

But what happens over time is that once you master one skill-set, another one will pop up. Then another and another.

That is the art of growing and expanding. And the faster that you are growing and expanding – the more imperfections you will experience.

Sound dismal?

Here’s the good news. After a while – the notion of “being perfect” starts to become meaningless. I mean really, what does perfect mean anyways?

What happens is that you just start “being”. Being you. Laughing out your insecurities. Staring your fears in the face. Moving forward even if you don’t want to. Being unafraid to stumble.

And then you finally realize that the greatest irony of it all – is that we all started “perfect” anyways. And that this mad quest we are all on is just a waste of precious time and energy.

So I encourage you awesome entrepreneur. Be You.

And if you do that…it just keeps getting better and better.

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. I love hearing your comments!


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