“Faith Without Works Is Dead”

First the premise, then the promise. Premise #1: If you have some gift, some dream, some creation, some idea to offer to the world, than you, my love, are a potential bringer of hope. Premise #2: It’s a very challenging time in the history of the world. We need all... read more

How to Choose the Perfect Business Coach for You

On Sunday I had the opportunity to sponsor and speak at a lovely event and chat with so many amazing women.  Two of the questions that came up were: “How do I choose a business coach?”  “What is the best way to work with a business coach?” I’m going to answer... read more

Speaking Events that Sell – Two Tips to Success

Here’s the scenario – you book a workshop at a local community center for four weeks from now. You rush home – call your mom in excitement – and then immediately begin working on your workshop content. You invite a few friends and send an e-mail out to your... read more

Take Solace in the Work

Okay, if you’ve checked the news any time lately it’s definitely CRAZY TIME out there. At times like these, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about – well, anything. Maybe your Dream seems small or even insignificant when “weighed” against World Events. So, don’t weigh... read more

Why Your Business Dried Up

Ugh. You’re rolling along, happy dappy, doing your work, serving your clients, creating content, loving life. And then, “all of a sudden”, it all goes away. One by one the clients drop off and there aren’t any new ones to take their place. And you’re getting really... read more

Fear Is Part of It

If this didn’t matter, you wouldn’t be afraid. You can feel your fear and still act toward your best outcome anyway. You can act toward your best outcome without thinking about the results. Cause, with enough action, the results will take care of themselves. That’s... read more

A simple formula to find new clients FAST

Tired of chasing down new clients? Read on… Have you ever been able to create a waitlist for your programs or services? Where you had so many people clamoring to work with you, that you were completely booked? Where they wanted to work with you so badly, they... read more

When Grace Eludes You

This is not the first essay I’ve written for you today. It’s not even the second. I’ve actually been at this on and off all day today. This is my fifth attempt. The thing about my work is that I show up for it everyday, and most of the time the muse shows up and... read more

Why I Never Chase Anyone for Anything

So, an amazing thing happened a few years ago. I was FREED from my compulsion to chase after business and people and love and money and success and – well, everything. This does NOT mean I don’t work hard – super darn hard – to succeed in life. It just means I point... read more