Honoring Your Intuition

Every day I see something on Facebook or in a magazine about rest and relaxation – how we have to let go and meditate or receive self care. I fully agree with this sentiment and honor it in my own life. But there’s something tricky about doing it – when you really let go and rest – all your deep-down worries come up.

No one really talks about this part. The fact that for most of us, the real reason we aren’t resting is because being busy helps us to escape. Escape the decisions that we haven’t made. Escape the intuitive hits we’ve been getting about how we have to let something or someone go.

As much as I love my intuition, it’s just not always easy to follow it. What do you do when you get the intuitive hit that a relationship isn’t working anymore? Or that you’ve outgrown your job? Change isn’t easy. Often it’s not an overnight process to unravel something in your life that is no longer working.

I’ve come to realize that although my intuition is talking to me every day, it’s not always easy to follow what it says. As an entrepreneur – it’s one of my most powerful gifts. It’s through the voices of intuition that this book was created. And every question within it flowed from a connected place. It’s my intuition that lets me know when a client needs extra support, and that I should pick up the phone and call her. Or when someone in my family really needs a call or a visit.

And yes, there’s a place where sometimes I’m scared to listen. I’m scared of the changes that my intuition will tell me to make. But I’ve learned that I would rather have my intuitive channel open, then make myself so “busy” that I can’t really hear anything. So here’s my process for making all of it possible:

  1. Make space for intuition by taking time to be quiet – getting a massage, meditating, working out or writing.
  2. Allow both the small and big intuitive hits to come pouring in – but also be pleased if nothing comes – that’s fine too.
  3. Understand that you don’t have to act right away on your intuitive nudges. You can ask for more information. You can ask for more courage. You can ponder the decision. On some level you know that action will need to happen, but just giving yourself the space to dance with the information makes the process feel safer.

Enjoy building a relationship with your intuition. Use that relationship to guide you to more and more success in your business.

Photo: flickr, Ser Humano

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