The One Money Question To Ask Yourself

Ask yourself this one important money question if you aren’t make the level of money you’d like in your business.

Every day I meet entrepreneurs who are struggling with making money. At Revenue Breakthrough I’m completely devoted to this topic and I love helping entrepreneurs figure out how they can generate more – without sacrificing the freedom that is important to them.

My experience has highlighted one very important fact – if you want to make more money, you must address the core fears that have been blocking you from generating more money up until this point.

Often these core fears have very little to do with not being disciplined enough, or not being consistent. Yes, consistency and discipline are important, and are often lacking in those that aren’t generating enough money.

But there is a root cause. There’s a root fear that’s causing people to not even begin their journey towards generating more. I’ve actually created a 3-day event called Master Your Money to address this topic in depth and it’s one of the most popular events that I do.

At Master Your Money, we start by addressing the subconscious mind. What is going on up there that is causing you to put a ceiling on your income?

When one of my clients did this exercise, she was surprised to find an answer that she wasn’t expecting. She had been building her copywriting business for about three years and had crossed six figures. But she had come to a point where we could both feel the invisible ceiling above her. Although the business was doing well, there was an inner resistance to wild success.

When she asked herself the question, “Why aren’t I making more money?” the answer that came out was that she was afraid of losing her freedom. When she inquired further about why she was afraid to lose her freedom, the answer she wrote down was that she wouldn’t have time to do her mission on the planet. Her deepest mission was to finish a novel for young adults that she had been writing for a while.

It became clear to both of us that we needed to carve out time for her to write and finish that novel this year. And that her subconscious mind was letting her know that she needed space for both her business and her passions in order to move forward more quickly. We created the space that she needed to write her novel in her annual plan. And she could feel the relief immediately.

Now it’s your turn to talk to your subconscious mind and really see what is going on. Trust yourself. This exercise can be totally fun and illuminating. But as always, don’t judge yourself along the way.

Realize that even if you are already making great money – there’s always room for more. And that we tend to hit ceilings in every phase of our business from beginners all the way through multi-millionaires. Wherever you are – enjoy the exercise below.

Take five deep breaths. Send the breaths down to your belly so that with every inhale your belly fills up like a balloon. Close your eyes and focus in on the breath. Visualize a light coming from above and filling your whole body with energy. This is your connection to something greater than yourself. Now ask yourself the question, “Why aren’t I making more money?” Or you can ask, “What do I need to do to make more money?”

Now open your eyes and just start writing. Don’t stop. Don’t judge. Just keep writing. If you get to a place where there is a stopping point, or something you don’t understand, close your eyes again and ask why. For example, say you get an answer of, “Your family needs you.” You could ask, “Why does my family need me? And why is that preventing me from making more money?”

Sometimes when you do this exercise there’s a nice flow. Other times it’s more of a dialogue with questions and answers between you and the universe. Trust the process and know it’s right, every time.

Photo: flickr, Marchintosh 

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