When The Universe Steps In

A few years back I was heading into my first official 3-day event for my company, Revenue Breakthrough. I had invested about $100,000 into this event, including costs for my event company, my business coach and the hotel. There were 130 people registered. I was terrified. I had only been on 3 stages in my entire life before this event. I had a lot riding on it. I had used all of the savings in my bank account to cover living expenses going up to the event and my credit cards were nearing max capacity.

My boyfriend (now husband) Jai had been by my side the whole way through. And he was going to be there at the event with me. His presence calmed me down and made me feel stronger, and he could make me laugh even in the midst of my biggest tear storm.

Jai was producing his first feature length film at the time, called Patang. It was just getting into theaters.

One evening he came in and said “Mon, I’ve got some bad news. They just announced that the opening night of my film will be on the first night of your event and the weekend after. I have to be there. I’ll miss your whole event. And you’ll miss the opening of the movie and the parties!”

I couldn’t believe it. I was totally devastated. I cried. I raged. I blamed. I screamed. But none of it mattered. Jai had been working on this film for seven years and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to get it made. This was his big moment, too.

Day 1 of my event started. It wasn’t easy but I got through it. Jai prepared for the opening night of his movie and oversaw the launch party details.

Then he got word that his brother, Rajesh, who lives in Bombay, was coming to New York for the opening of Patang. Rajesh had no idea that I couldn’t be there. He just got the calling to come and support his brother. Jai and Rajesh ended up spending the whole week together and he got the support he needed.

At the same time – my best friend Stephanie also got the calling. She appeared in my hotel room when I needed her most at the event. I’ll never forget when she said to me, “Monica, be the woman that we all admire and love on that stage. That’s all you need to do.”

I tell this story because in so many moments of our lives where we completely apply ourselves with all our faculties, and it looks like things are going to turn sour, God or the universe intervenes. He sends support when we need it most, even while he’s teaching us some of our greatest and hardest lessons.

In business there is a huge need for faith. Faith to know that there is a force greater than you. That there is a rhyme and reason to all of this. That all will be well. Without faith it’s hard to take any risks. And risk is the foundation for success.

The best way to strengthen that faith and thus get comfortable with risk, is to remember when God or the universe has stepped into your life.

Write three moments in your life when the universe stepped in to make things better for you, or teach you a lesson, or give you assistance? This could look like when a friend rescued you unsolicited, an amazing coincidence, a turning point moment or just plain serendipity. What happened? What did you learn? And then share with me in the comments below.

Photo: flickr, benny majar

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